All things from today
  1. When you bend down in a skirt and it pinches between ya cheeks
    Basically when your butt eats your skirt
  2. When your bra doesn't fit right and you lift your arm and most of ya boob pops out underneath it and your underwire crushes ya nipple
  3. When it's super humid out so your fringe is super sweaty and stickin to ya forehead
  4. When you work in a specialty fudge and chocolate shop and everyone's made New Years resolutions to "lose weight" and "eat healthy"
  5. When your food is too hot but you only have a limited amount of time for lunch so you eat it fast and burn ya insides
  6. When the lady in front of you is walking sloooooow and zigzagging so you can't get past her
  7. When you only have lunch cover at work so you have to really fuckin hope your tampon hasn't leaked
    TMI but whatev
  8. When it's two days into the new year and you have a head cold and your period all at once
    Thanks, bod ✌️
  9. When ya still cute as hell despite everything ✌️
    Annoying for everyone but me 😊