1. First off, current view
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  2. Like I'm not kidding, my bath water is literally neon yellow
  3. Kinda looks like jelly
  4. Lying in jelly would be so gross
  5. I wish I had ice cream
  6. Nah, donuts
  7. Always donuts
  8. I should probably read that book I hauled downstairs to read
  9. Orrrrr check instagram again
  10. My book is all the way over there
  11. And my phone is all the way over here
  12. It is in my hands
  13. Instagram it is
  14. That person I know vaguely is having a cool looking Saturday afternoon
  15. I am in the bath on a Saturday afternoon
  16. Why am I in the bath it's Saturday
  17. Baths are for Tuesdays
  18. Where are my friends
  19. Do I have any
  20. What am I doing
  21. What am I doing with my life
  22. I work part time
  23. And the other part of my time is spent in the bath
  24. Or in bed
  25. Alone
  26. Oh fuck
  27. This bath was my only plan for the whole weekend
  28. I'm so hot and sweaty
  29. Is it from the bath
  30. Or the existential crisis like panic attack I am currently having
  31. In a bath