This is a list I drafted in November, then misplaced and only found today! To me, it is still absolutely valid. P sure I pulled a lot of this from articles written about this at the time?
  1. Yesterday (10 November 2015), prime minister John Key made a repeated remark that Labour and Green Party MPs back rapists, child molesters, and murderers
  2. These remarks came as part of a heated debate regarding the release of New Zealand detainees on Christmas Island
    Most of whom have been detained for minor infractions and are not "sex offenders" as the prime minister so eloquently SHOUTED during parliament
  3. The following day, at parliament, the speaker acknowledged the remarks, but said he "did not hear them at the time"
    Quotations because BULLSHIT
  4. And that "any offensive comments had to be dealt with at the time of the offence". Basically it was too late to request an apology the next day but also too late to request an apology FOUR MINUTES after the offence occurred BECAUSE THATS WHAT THE RECORD SHOWED
    Dudes a cunt
  5. Anyway that bullshit statement was followed by Labour and Green MPs calling out the prime minister for his offensive statement, and requesting an apology and for the comment to be withdrawn.
  6. This was followed by several Labour and Green MPs, including Metiria Turei, Jan Logie, Catherine Delahunty and Poto Williams revealing that as victims of both domestic or sexual violence they took personal offence at the prime ministers accusation of "backing rapists".
  7. The speaker of the house chose to silence them all.
  8. MPs continued to stand up and call him to take action, at which point he threatened to throw them out of parliament.
  9. Marama Davis spoke out as a victim of sexual violence and he evicted her, along with multiple other women who raised their own experiences. This initiated a walk out of Green and Labour Party female MPs.
    Honestly what kind of fucking message does it send to young people in our country when the fucking prime minister won't even apologise for making offensive remarks about rape and sexual violence, AND THEN THE SPEAKER OF THE FUCKING HOUSE SILENCES AND EVICTS THE WOMEN SHARING THEIR OWN EXPERIENCES AND ADVOCATING FOR VICTIMS.
  10. Outside the chamber, MP Jan Logie said it was the first time she had spoken out loud about her own abuse and how "it's deeply disappointing that the speaker and the prime minister do not take the concerns of sexual violence survivors seriously.
    It's completely unacceptable to trivialise the concern and experiences of so many New Zealanders in the way that has happened today."
  11. This first link is to the footage of women calling the speaker to take action
  12. This second link is to them speaking outside of the chamber after walking out
    Also Roastbusters was a group of young men "allegedly" plying underage teenage girls with alcohol and drugs, sexually assaulting them, and posting photos and videos of the assaults of Facebook. No one involved was ever charged.
  13. I'm fucking furious (still), and as much as I fucking hate John Key and the National government, I am very proud to be part of a country where women in parliament don't stand for his shit.