I've excluded super obvious ones like Joffrey Baratheon or Gus Fring etc I don't know it just felt like I wasn't trying? Like it's too easy to be like yayah that lil shit Joffrey is D E D because who the fuck was rooting for Joffrey ever you know?
  1. Bill Henrickson - Big Love
    I fucking loved this show but I got the worst vibe off of him all the way through, like he loved his family and religion whatever cool, but so much of what he did was in his own interests and without discussion like so disrespectful of his wives and the fact that he was just one member of a large family idk he just came across as this weird misogynist dude who was all holier than thou UGH FUCK THIS DUDE also yes I am that transparent I totally only watched this show for Chloe Sevigny SUE ME
  2. Hank Schrader - Breaking Bad
    I mean I know technically that he was the good guy or whatever and that the show from the beginning manipulated the viewer into rooting for Walter the anti-hero who was clearly the fucking bad guy and I get that like there was always supposed to be this fucked up view of what was right/wrong/good/evil whatever I do okay I get all that but still like fuck this dude I was so sick of him by this point
  3. Freddie McClair - Skins
    That's one dull motherfucker I don't have to look at anymore seriously I'm just gutted you didn't take Effy with you
  4. Marissa Cooper - The OC
    There were no other possible storylines for her I swear to god they ran them all dry. It was her time, and really who didn't care more about Summer?
  5. Tracy Mills - Seven
    Honestly fuck Gwyneth Paltrow
  6. Laurel Lance - Arrow
    She's so whiny and entitled. She did die when she was starting to be slightly tolerable but I was still 100% here for it. But it probably won't matter since she signed on to appear in three of the DC shows next season so I GUESS SHE ISN'T GONE AND ALL MY HOPES AND DREAMED ARE CRUSHED
    Suggested by @SarahMoore
  7. Danny Rayburn on Bloodline. I could not wait for him to die... I much prefer the haunting over his horrible, awful decision making while he was alive 😳
    Suggested by @victralala