I got a call from my mum this morning, telling me that one of my childhood best friends had died this past Wednesday.
  1. How every day after school we'd walk to Stacey's house and watch one of three movies; Austin Powers in Goldmember, Dude Where's my Car?, or The Hot Chick. We'd make hokey pokey because it was easy and delicious, and we'd take over the lounge and laugh until one of our mums would come and pick us up.
  2. I remember swim training, and hanging around the Lido after practise finished. It would be late, almost closing time, and everyone would be gone. How there were no lines on the hydro slides. How the water would get shut off and we'd have to climb our way out.
  3. How Laura's mum complained to Mr Mac, that you, me and Stacey were excluding Laura and so we were forced to hang out with her, despite not actually knowing her at all. We'd sprint off at lunch breaks and hide from her like the little shits we were.
  4. I remember going over to your farm on the weekends and your tall brother wouldn't come out of his bedroom. We would play The Sims and Sim City until your mum would make us go outside and run around in the mud.
  5. I remember that end of year school trip to the Lido, how all of the girls were wearing board shorts over their togs and I was the only person who didn't bring shorts. You lent me a spare pair so I wouldn't be the odd one out. I remember they were tight around my 12-year-old hips because you had chicken legs and I was always pear shaped.
  6. I remember the summer before high school, hanging out at Stacey's new house, "helping them move in" with our mums. We were all trying to break in our Roman sandals so we wouldn't have blisters for the first week of school. There was a nail sticking out of the floorboards and one of us tripped on it but I can't remember which of us it was.
  7. That was the last time we hung out. We went to different high schools, Stacey and I to Freyberg, you to Girls High. We didn't really speak after that.
  8. Distance, even just ten minutes across town distance, changes friendships a lot. Especially when you're young I think. We all made new friends. We all got caught up in different things.
  9. Mum told me you went over to Poland after high school and did some sort of volunteer work. I remember being jealous that you were doing cool things and going cool places.
  10. That was the last I heard of you. Our mums fell out of touch, we weren't in contact. It was like neither of us existed to each other anymore.
  11. I saw you three weeks ago. You came into my work and bought fudge, and the whole time I was racking my brain trying to figure out who you were and where I knew you from, and it wasn't until after you'd left that I realised it was you.
  12. I'm sorry life was so unkind to you. I'm so sorry you left this world in such an awful, violent way. I'm so sad for the sadness you must have felt, and for your family and friends who will spend a lifetime without you.
  13. Thank you for our friendship, even 12 years on, thank you. You were a lovely person and I'm glad I had the honour of calling you my friend for at least a small part of your short life.
  14. Rest in peace, Megan.