1. I'm a Pākehā girl living in New Zealand, and I have grown up around bogans where 'cunt' is thrown around casually in everyday language
  2. Like "sup cunt?"
  3. And "what a good cunt"
  4. It's almost a casual word.
  5. I say almost, because it's still swearing. In the same way 'fuck' is never really not gonna be a swear word.
  6. It's still a bad name to call someone, if you're really looking for a gnarly, sharp word to hit someone with in an argument
  7. Although honestly be more creative with your insults you fucken runny nosed, mouth breathing, scum bags
    Also, side note did you know that 'scum bag' means used condom? Literally a cum bag. Great.
  8. But for the most part, it's a casual, bogan word.
  9. So it really fucks me up when I hear it out of the mouth of straight white American men.
  10. It sounds SO VIOLENT
  11. I'm very aware of the sensitivity and shock surrounding this word in most US culture
    I say most because ya girl has never been over there so I can't say for definite it's all of you who are shocked and offended by it
  12. You guys aren't numb to it like I am, like most kiwis, Aussies and probably Brits.
  13. You mean it with the full force of the hate you attribute to it.
  14. Even "casually" it's not casual. It's violent. It's hateful.
  15. It's terrifying.
  16. And it's bizarre.
  17. Because it's so common here, that if I heard a kiwi bloke saying cunt, I would think nothing of it.
  18. He's just a regular New Zealand man, saying words and meaning nothing of them.
  19. But in comparison, an American man saying it? He's a hateful misogynist I can't trust, who I can expect to be violent and abusive, and play it off as a "joke". 'Boys will be boys' etc.
  20. It just struck me tonight how hypocritical that thinking is.
  21. That one culture of person can use a violent word and be terrifying to me, while another can say it and have it mean "hey mate" and "cheers".
  22. Language, and the effect it can have, is very interesting, is basically what I'm saying here.