1. My flatmate was away for Christmas/basically the last five weeks and she came home briefly the other day and opened our Christmas presents to her
  2. And then tonight as a gift to us, took us out for a steak dinner!!!
  3. Being my gr888 self I did not have a steak, but instead had this fucking beaut!!!
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    😍🍔<-this burger emoji does not accurately represent my delicious burger from tonight. Lil wimp burger emoji.
  4. (If ya look closely you'll see the half kilo steak btw)
  5. And we had pints of cider and it was light and refreshing and lovely and looked almost exactly like water which was freaky cause I've never seen cider that light in colour before
  6. And I almost died (yeah right what an exaggeration) eating that burger I swear it was bigger than it looks and we all got meat sweats and swamp ass
    palmy grrlz ✌️
  7. Then we just chilled chattin at brewers for a bit which was real nice cause Anna's been away for ages and she's movin back to London soon
  8. And then we fuckin buckled down and went for the dessert
  9. Like literally what the fuck like how could something that looks so pflugh (onomatopoeia) be so damn delicious
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  10. Okay so the dark brown thing is a Whittaker's 72% dark chocolate pudding, like suuuuuper gooey middle, the splop to the left is an espresso caramel, I think the crumb was just like a biscuity crumb??? I did not pay attention to that bit. The other splop was a cinnamon crème fraîche thing
    I am a pro at reviewing food hire me plz
  11. And then we finished our drinks and we all left and me and Georgia were starting to walk down the road and I could feel my pulse through my whole body like I always can when a vom is a comin!
  12. BUT I DIDN'T VOM!!
  13. All of my delicious (free) food stayed inside my lovely body
  14. And we started walkin to our home via Kmart and the sky looked like a gradient I'd reblog on tumblr (yeah I'm that fuckin person)
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    It looked better irl blame my shitty iPhone 4
  15. And then me and Georgia walked around Kmart for an hour and a half cause I needed hair ties and she needed tampons and we also needed a new shower curtain which shoulda taken like ten min maxxx but we were full full full so we just wandered around for ages and it was so nice!!!
  16. And it was ten at night but the air was warm and breezy cause it's January
  17. I had a nice time anyway and now it's 4am so happy January 6th to anyone reading this bs