This is just a list about how this dude who was a customer of mine years ago got his nickname (a nickname that he never knew about) [emptying my drafts folder again]
  1. So basically he was a cute dude who would come into the fish and chip shop I worked in when I was 18.
  2. My workmate said he looked like a serial killer, I thought he was cute cause I was in a skinny white boy with floppy hair phase.
  3. His hair was floppy like the lead singer of Cut Off Your Hands, a kiwi alt band that I LOVED.
  4. And then a couple years later I saw him at a Die! Die! Die! (another kiwi alt band) show and thus his name was formed.
  5. I see him around all the time now cause he works at a department store up by where I work now, and he has a shaved head and is less cute.
    I think it might've just been the floppy hair eh.