1. I feel let down by this new update. I don't know how else to say it.
  2. Every update makes the app, and it's content, a little less accessible.
  3. I don't feel welcome.
  4. And why would I?
  5. This latest update is forcing me to use more than one app to draft this – surely that speaks volumes in and of itself?
  6. I've been here since October 2015, and because of my location, I've always felt somewhat left out.
  7. And these updates make it feel like the gap is widening.
  8. I've pulled back, and my lists are less personal because I don't feel like this is a place to be personal anymore.
  9. What was once a safe space for me is now feeling more and more like shouting into a void, with a "creator" who doesn't rate my best interests.
  10. Is my want to remain here out of hope?
  11. Or stubbornness?
  12. Or am I really just wasting my time?