1. I was snapchattin' my lil pal @lesbian who had no idea what I was talking about when I said frozen coke, and I just wanna know:
  2. Does frozen coke exist where you live?
  3. Frozen coke is a coca cola slushy sold at McDonald's, and it is arguably my favourite item sold at Macca's
  4. In New Zealand, you can get a large frozen coke for $1
  5. And currently you can buy it in two flavours - coca cola or pineapple & lime fanta
    Past flavours include L&P, and strawberry & kiwifruit fanta
  6. Or you can buy a McFloat, which is the same beverage for $2, and it comes with a big blobby of soft serve on top
  7. Yo it's delicious af
  8. Also don't judge me, I generally buy one on my way home from work cause I live two doors down from a Macca's
  9. Never heard of this!
    I'm from New England, USA
    Suggested by @shanaz
  10. They have these at 711 but not at McDonald's
    Suggested by @LeahG
  11. Yeah not McDonalds but lots of Gas stations sell coke slushee here in Louisiana.
    And one a hot summer day the only better thing would be a beer slushee.
    Suggested by @jannychan