1. So it's pouring down and I have a fringe cut in half an hour
  2. So I'm walking 15 minutes to the bus terminal with my old reliable umbrella
  3. It's cute as hell, black and white polka dot, with a frill edge
  4. I have owned it for six years
  5. Yeah
  6. THAT'S how good this umbrella is
  7. Was
  8. Okay so I get to a covered piece of footpath and it's dry so I close the umbrella
  9. And the spring fucking EXPLODES
  10. Like shoots off the other end with such force that it sends my iPod flying and disconnects the headphones
  11. So I have headphone buds jammed in my ears, not connected to anything
  12. I'm shouting "FUUUCK WHAT THE FAT HELL"
  13. And I'm trying to look for the spring piece that shot off and I can't see almost at all??
  14. Which is when I realise that I got such a fright that it knocked my glasses off of my face
  15. By the way this all happened outside a packed cafe, beside a busy post office and over the road from the main bus terminal so
  16. My walk home is gonna suck
  17. I texted my mum about it