Famous New Zealand Women

Inspired by @familyfeud cause I'm watching Family Feud and this was a category
  1. Kate Sheppard
    NZ's most famous suffragette. Helped introduce universal suffrage to NZ, making us the first country to give all women the right to vote
  2. Lydia Ko
    Professional golfer who became the No. 1 ranked woman professional ugolfer on 2 February 2015 at 17-years-old!!! making her the youngest player (of any gender) to ever be ranked No. 1 in professional golf.
  3. Helen Clark
    Former Prime Minister, currently gunning for the top job at the UN
  4. Keisha Castle-Hughes
    Was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress for Whale Rider when she was 12. Currently (?) in Game of Thrones
  5. Hayley Westenra
    Classical pop opera singer.
  6. Georgina Beyer
    First openly transgender woman in the world to be elected Mayor (in 1995), and serve as an MP
  7. Kimbra
    Grammy award winning recording artist. Check out her live performance of Settle Down at SXSW. She's an angel!!!
  8. Rachel Hunter
    Former supermodel, once married to Rod Stewart (not that that's an achievement)
  9. Hilary Barry
    News presenter! I love her a lot. Known as Mate of the Nation.
  10. Karen Walker
    Fashion, jewellery and eyewear designer
  11. Dame Kiri Te Kanawa
    Famous soprano
  12. Eleanor Catton
    Author. For her novel The Luminaries she won the 2013 Man Booker Prize.
  13. Valerie Adams
    Olympic shot putter, and four-time world champion. Her lil brother, Steven Adams, plays for the NBA and he's fucking gorgeous
  14. Anna Paquin
    Won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for The Piano when she was 11!!! Starred in True Blood
  15. Lorde
    Grammy award winning singer and teen alt pop princess
  16. Me
    @Lisa_Fav said li.st fame counts so this is a pic from when I was v drunk and high a few weeks ago, note my big pink cheeks and missing eyes