1. For so very long, I put your needs above my own
  2. Especially regarding my mental health and comfortability
  3. It was easier* for me to deal with whatever was happening than to make it into an issue or something for you to deal with
    *it wasn't
  4. And it's so telling that now that I'm finally putting myself first, that you're nowhere in sight.
  5. You always told me to stand up for myself more.
  6. Yet once I did, it upset you.
  7. Because it was you that I was standing up for myself against.
  8. I'm not against you, but you're so blind to my struggles.
  9. Maybe because they're not visible.
  10. That's not to say they don't exist, you just didn't want them to.
  11. Want me to?
  12. We're done, for now at least.
  13. I'm not holding out hope anymore.