Ok this is super subjective also missing a bunch of other flavours that we don't have in store right now
  1. Back to Basics (chocolate)
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    7/10. Doesn't try too hard.
  2. Moscow Munch (Russian)
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    5/10 honestly not the the best caramel we have it is not trying hard enough
  3. Fiddle Dee Dee (baileys)
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    8/10 sweet creamy liquor yes
  4. After Dinner Delight (chocolate mint)
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    7/10 so minty and good but contaminates everything
  5. Creamy Canadian Crunch (maple and walnut)
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    8/10 my fav right now gets hard p quick tho
  6. Fruity Obsession (passionfruit and vanilla)
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    10/10 delicious like I literally can't fault it
  7. Tickled Pink (raspberry and white chocolate)
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    5/10 just real average like could use more raspberry maybe but still good?
  8. Creme Brûlée
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    9/10 loses a point only because my teeth get jammed up with the hard caramel top
  9. Cookie Monster (cookies n cream)
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    4/10 we call it the gateway fudge and basic bitches call it their fav. Seriously if it is your fav it's cause it's the only fuckin one you've tried
  10. Jealous Much (lime)
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    3/10 if it's soft then I guess but otherwise naaaah
  11. Jelly Tip (chocolate and vanilla with raspberry jelly)
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    6/10 real popular but gets a bit much. Tastes exactly like jelly top ice creams so impressive cause of that.
  12. Red Velvet (chocolate and cream cheese)
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    6/10 tastes like chocolatey cheesecake? Idk I'm not a big "omg red velvet" person
  13. Salted Caramel
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    10/10 KNOCKOUT like if your caramel doesn't have salt then we got a problem
  14. Peach Sundae (peach and vanilla)
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    7/10 peachy keen jelly bean!
  15. Butter Nutter (chocolate and peanut butter)
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    9/10 it's fuckin gr888 peanut butter is delicious
  16. Jamaican Me Crazy (rum and raisin)
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    -1000/10 don't be fooled by how delicious it looks it's way too rummy and it's so strong and the smell is so strong UGH
  17. Mocha Jackson (chocolate and coffee)
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    7/10 I do not drink coffee, but this is real good
  18. JAFA (orange and chocolate)
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    5/10 just middle
  19. Donut Resist (jam donut)
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    6/10 super cinnamony and not enough jam but still fuckin yum
  20. Off The Beaten Track (chocolate with marshmallow and m&ms)
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    8/10 yes but the marshmallows pull the moisture out of it a lil so it dries out real quick but still yes
  21. Lemon Meringue Pie
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    7/10 it's a tart lemon which is only my 2nd fav kind of tart (ladies) yeah so it's delicious
  22. Pineapple Lump
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    9/10 tastes exactly like pineapple lumps like it's nuts right but yeah v delicious but not the best 1
  23. Slice Of Summer (watermelon)
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    2/10 I'll only eat it if it's soft. Tastes like watermelon lip smackers!!! Kids like it but kids ain't that smart
  24. White Witch (vanilla nougat with cranberries and pistachios)
    7/10 lol literally sold out of this before I could get a pic. It's p delicious, I'm not a big fan of dried cranberries tho? But the pistachios make it a lil salty and it's sweet and I like that
  25. Berry Berry Nice (raspberry and vanilla nougat)
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    10/10 it's like marshmallowy deliciousness and a bit tangy too, sort of tastes like frozen yogurt
  26. EDIT
  27. Unnamed fudge
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    1000/10 the best one by far!!!! Peanut butter fudge, with caramel and Oreos, then marshmallow and then chocolate fudge on top with a caramel an peanut butter swirl like jfc