I work at a fudge and chocolates shop, FYI I am currently at work. Cause it's January and dummies make those "I'm gonna lose weight" "I'm gonna be healthy" "I'm gonna cut out sugar" NY resolutions basically we've been super dead for the past week and like the next cuppy weeks aren't lookin too busy either
  1. Say "OM NOM NOM"
    STOP IT. You are not a child or some fuckin internet animal you are a grown woman.
  2. Lick their lips
    Like yuck plz don't, yes fudge is delicious but plz don't
  3. At one point my hair was bright orange with four inch brown roots and someone said it looked like the Jaffa fudge and "I could just eat all of your hair"
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    what the fuck why would you ever say that to a person????? Don't eat my hair you creep
  4. So many people ask if I'm a fudge packer
    Like ok buddy so original
  5. At Christmastime we briefly had antler headbands and a man asked my boss if she was horny
    And she told me she was glad he said it to her and not me cause let's face it I woulda fought him. We stopped wearing them after that, possibly because of that????
  6. Once a girl payed with a twenty that she pulled out of her sneaker
    It was sweaty and gross and I said "seriously??" Like motherfucker you are wearing jeans!!!! Keep your money in your pocket not your sweaty fuckin shoe GROSS
  7. Like smack or tap on the glass
    We're a kiosk so it's four sides of glass plz don't tap on the walls of my fishbowl oml also jfc you have left your gross fangerprints everywhere!!!!
  8. Like this is my literal view everyday
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