Hahaha this is my fave request
  1. I was 17 and it was the first week of summer
  2. My pals and I were having a sleepover and marathon watching the first season of Gossip Girl
    I had never seen it before and have never seen it since. I do not care to watch rich teenagers do whatever the fuck they want 👋
  3. We stayed up all night and then the next morning everyone was exhausted but we all wanted coke and pies but we didn't have any.
  4. So for two hours everyone kept getting at me about walking up to the dairy to buy them all food.
  5. And eventually I was just like "FUCK, FINE".
  6. So I got mostly dressed, but I only had heels for some reason? so I borrowed my pals sneakers which were slightly too small
  7. And then I went to leave the house, took one step off of the deck
    Which was only one step high
  8. And my legs collapsed underneath me
  9. I looked down and my legs looked weird and I went into shock
  10. Lol and my friends thought I was faking so I wouldn't have to walk up to the dairy so I just sat on the deck and called my dad and waited for him to come get me
  11. And then he said it was probably nothing and took me home
  12. And like the dumbest idiot I tried to walk on them???
  13. And then the next day when my left ankle had swollen up to the size of a cricket ball, my mum took me to the doctor and they biffed a cast on them
  14. And I made mum drive past my pals house and swung my legs out the door and said "sup bitch"
    hahahaha it was a shitty summer