1. I work in retail/customer service and there is nothing dumber to me than when a customer hides their PIN from me
    You know what I mean, that thing of covering all of the buttons with one hand while they sneaky sneaky put in the numbers with the other hand and they can barely see what they're doing themselves.
  2. Like do you realise that I
  3. a) am not even looking at all
  4. And b) literally couldn't do fucking anything with your PIN number anyway?
  5. Like do you seriously think I'm gonna steal your eftpos card from directly in front of you?
  6. I see more than a hundred customers in a week, I'm not just memorising hundreds of PIN numbers in case I get the opportunity to steal from a customer AT MY JOB
  7. Idk I literally could not give a fuck what four numbers are protecting your money and I don't understand why you think I would?
  8. I wouldn't be employed in a job where I handle fucking money if I was openly a thief?
  9. Stop being weird
  10. Like this is fucking New Zealand and I'm in the middle of a goddamn mall, your probably $40 is fucking safe, weirdo