1. Selfie culture is without a doubt, one of the most positive, self affirming, revolutionary movements I have ever been a part of and I love it.
  2. And yet by generations who aren't millennials it's treated as narcissism, a vanity contest to see who can get the most likes on social media.
  3. And you know what? Maybe it is to some people.
  4. But I would argue that the majority of people participating in selfie culture view selfies as a form of self love and self acceptance.
  5. They might not use those exact words.
  6. They might not even realise that's what they're doing.
  7. We live in a culture of self-hate, a society that tells us that you should value the love of someone else over the love you have of yourself.
  8. Specifically as women, we are taught to be constantly "bettering" ourselves, shrinking ourselves, effectively hating ourselves if we don't fit some ideal image of perfection that is constantly changing. We should always be striving for perfection, even when "perfection" is not attainable.
  9. I spent most of my teenage years hating my body, and by extension, myself, thinking I was too "fat", not pretty enough, not worthy enough.
  10. Worthy of what? I don't even really know. Society and the media taught me that what I was wasn't good enough. Some days I still don't feel good enough.
  11. And I'm not the only one. Every person has insecurities about the way they look. Every👏 person👏.
  12. But on my good days, sometimes even my bad days, I feel like celebrating how far I've come. Even when, now as a 24 year old, I am further from society's image of Beauty™ than I ever have been. It took a lot of work to get here, to this place in my life where I can say "fuck yeah I'm gorgeous, behold the glory that is me!" and truly mean it.
  13. To look at my body in the mirror and not be picking out every single "flaw". To be able to continue on with my day without ever-present insecurities plaguing my every thought and action.
  14. "Millennials are so obsessed with themselves." Great! Be obsessed with yourself! Be vain! Love yourself!
  15. It's so condescending to class selfie culture as purely narcissistic and "attention seeking". Sometimes it's just trying to accept yourself from a view other than a mirror.
  16. From a view other than the beaten down, confused, self hating view you have of yourself.
  17. Sometimes it's taking a stand, saying "fuck yeah, this is what I look like today, and I'm not gonna hide, I'm not gonna hold myself back from experiencing shit."
  18. Yeah it might just be a photo uploaded to social media.
  19. Hell it might even be two dozen photos no one other than yourself ever sees!
  20. But it's working towards self acceptance and self love.
  21. And that is truly revolutionary.
  22. And honestly, fuck anyone who doesn't wholeheartedly support that.