1. People who keep chocolate in the fridge
    Fuck you you're ruining it
  2. Ruby Sparks
    I really didn't like this movie and it had been built up and up and up to me by one friend for two years and we're not even friends anymore so I can't text her and say 'bitch what the heck' honestly my reason for disliking it is probably the associations with abuse and how at the end it's like omg a meet cute but he's been abusive towards her for the entire film so like???? run
  3. Anyone who makes fun of canned/tinned food
    seriously? It's cheap, it's delicious, its food. you are truly garbage if you do this
  4. Lenny letter
    Nup no thanks
  5. People who keep their cash in their shoe/sock rather than carry a wallet
    You are trash
  6. People who pretend they don't masturbate
    Fuck you