1. Anyone who doesn't have a profile/display picture/avatar/whatever the fuck you wanna call it.
  2. And this covers all forms of social media.
  3. I mean I can understand not wanting to use your face or have photos of yourself on the internet for the rest of time.
  4. But like?
  5. Use a picture of a kitten or a flower or your fucking car whatever.
  6. No profile picture AT ALL makes me uncomfortable and a bit scared
  7. Even when you're using your real name and you have no profile picture, it's as though you've given yourself a fake name.
  8. It's like not allowing yourself to be held accountable to your opinions, or any form of harassment or hate speech you might be projecting into this social media void of sorts.
  9. Or, alternatively, anything super nice and lovely that you've been saying to someone.
  10. And like it kind of turns any sweet shit you say into something creepy or like predatory?
  11. What I'm saying is, no profile picture at all makes me suspicious.
  12. It makes me think you are trolling, or using your anonymity for evil.
  13. Like it feels like hiding your identity, and it's not who you say you are.
  14. Or like misrepresenting yourself for a reason and I like shouldn't trust anything nice you might be saying, either?
  15. AGAIN, your picture doesn't even need to be of you! It's just that grey and white (or whatever colour combination is designated to any social media platform) silhouette that makes me super suspicious in this sort of "don't engage, it's a trap" kind of way.
  16. Like I think that facelessness just fucking creeps me out and scares me?
  17. Idk? Am I over thinking this?
  18. I'm interested in what other people think about this sort of?