All of my knowledge/lack of knowledge about these things are based on American television
  1. A parental obligation to pay for your children's tertiary education
    We live off government allowances/student loans, and part-time jobs to pay our uni fees etc and then once you find employment after/during uni, a percentage of your wages is taxed for student loan repayments. If we didn't have this system, uni would be far less accessible to people on a lower income. I do not know a single person whose parents spent their whole lives saving thousands of dollars for their children's tertiary education. Obviously there are exceptions, but it's very uncommon.
  2. A parental obligation to pay for your children's wedding
    Parents offer to pay for shit sometimes? Like my pals mum is buying her wedding dress but not the whole wedding??? That episode of Friends where Monica's mum and dad spent her wedding money fucked me up heaps like why did they even have wedding money for her like seriously on top of saving hundreds of thousands of dollars for two college educations for your children (and one of them was ROSS don't forget it), you're also saving probably tens of thousands for two weddings THAT AREN'T YOUR OWN
  3. Different tiers of universities
    What the fuck is ivy league. And why are community colleges (don't really understand what that is either) looked down upon in relation to university? Our universities all offer different courses/degrees and you go according to what you wanna study and where in the country you wanna do it. A degree is a degree is a degree, doesn't matter where the fuck you got it. Like what the hell is the difference, you either went to uni or you didn't. (Or you're me and dropped out cause you fucking hated it)
  4. I'm kind of interested in learning about this if anyone can explain it to me cause I don't get it