1. I do.
  2. I don't walk around, expectantly, rubbing my hands together like a maniacal Mr. Burns type.
  3. So, on the rare occasion that I have to resort to doing so, don't treat me like I take pleasure from it.
  4. There are less than a handful of reasons why I might tell off your child.
  5. The first being; they are doing something that could result in them being injured.
  6. Second; they are doing something which could damage something that I know YOU would not want to pay for.
  7. Third; they are doing something which is making another persons job more difficult.
  8. In which case I will say to them, firmly, but friendly, "hey, mate, don't do that," or " hey, buddy, you shouldn't do that, you'll get hurt."
  9. I can absolutely understand not wanting to see your child "get in trouble" or "your parenting undermined".
    I don't see it as either but I can kind of get why someone would?
  10. But don't yell at me for stepping in where you can't or haven't.
  11. It's not an attack on your parenting.
  12. It's not a blatant hatred of children.
  13. It's me trying to help things go more smoothly, whether that's for my benefit, or yours, or some teen girl working minimum wage retail or customer service.
  14. Because whatever is gonna come from them continuing to do whatever you haven't noticed or have ignored is waaaay worse than me asking them politely if they'll stop.
  15. Basically I just got yelled at by a lady at my job for asking her kid to stop jumping on the glass.