I had a conversation with a cute, fat girl (who I stopped to tell she looked cute af and how much I loved her outfit) in the mall today and her description of her body made me so happy and it made me think of all of the ways I describe my body idk I love cute descriptions esp when they're about "problem" (NO SUCH THING) areas LET ME KNOW YOURS
  1. I have hungry thighs
    They swallow whole every pair of shorts I will ever wear (which I do not because dresses for life)
  2. My butt has a life of it's own
    Honestly sometimes it goes on the warpath and destroys everything around me. um do I need to specify that it does this by banging into stuff and knocking it all down like that??? I don't just fart uncontrollably and everything gets destroyed THAT'S NOT WHAT THIS IS
  3. Tiger stripes/lightening strikes
    Names for stretch marks!!!
  4. Thighs that could crush a watermelon
    Ok mine definitely could not, but maybe a soft banana??? NOT A EUPHEMISM like I'm literally just comparing fruit but omg seriously tho have you seen that video of a girl actually crushing a watermelon with her thighs???!!! I LOVE IT
  5. My belly's shouting at you
    Anytime my tummy rumbles for any reason
  6. Shark week
    Ok I have never used this myself but HOLY it's so cute I fuckin love that menstruation has cute nicknames even tho like I imagine it def stems from periods being seen as a "dirty" or "shameful" thing and something that we should hide or be discreet about around men and boys or really fucking anyone which is fucking awful like how periods are called "women's problems" like bitch YOU ARE THIS WOMAN'S PROBLEM. still cute tho. #periodpositive
  7. My face is all cheek
    I have tiny eyes, small mouth, small nose s2g I am a cheek head which is gr888 because more room for glitter!!! sparkle sparkle y'all