this is a mess honestly but here's some ideas. For real tho I will like anything you send me because I love receiving anything in the post.
  1. I collect enamel pins, and patches. I have two jackets covered in patches and my overalls have pins all over them. I would love to add to my collection.
  2. I like handwritten notes and drawings!
  3. I love candy and chocolate! I am not allergic to anything (bonus) and I live in New Zealand so I'd love to try sweeties we probably don't have over here!
  4. I love mix tapes/CDs! It's always sweet when someone just HAS to make ya listen to their fave song, so if you have a song you love that you wanna share, I'm here!
  5. I love 80s children's adventure movies like Stand By Me and ET. The Goonies is my all time fave film.
  6. I would love a copy of your fave film/book/album and why you love it so much!
    Also probably shouldn't flaunt this but I am 100% fine with it being a burned copy
  7. I love artwork! My house is decorated with stuff I've picked up over the years and it would be sweet to have a lil piece of you here too!
  8. I love to read, and I love hilarious books and by hilarious I mean teeerrrrible books and I will leave this one here as an example of a terrible book I own that I bought solely for the title!
  9. But again, do whatever you want, I will love anything, I love anything second hand or handmade, so don't feel obliged to spend cash money on me and I hope you aren't too put off by the international issue xxx
  10. ps I love socks so much they are my fave gift to receive, this isn't a joke
  11. EDIT: HOLY SHIT I LOVE GLITTER, my only real "everyday makeup" involves craft glitter so if you have any cute holographic shaped glitter... my head would probably explode