Ok this is when I first really got into nirvana + 90s riot grrrl bands
  1. I had started a bachelor in fashion at the time which I dropped out of cause I haaaaated it
  2. Literally the page folded back and behind his head was blood spatter like alana what the fuck
  3. Like I still like the music side of the whole riot grrrl thing but the feminism is so fucking white like if you don't believe in intersectional feminism basically you aren't a feminist
  4. Idk
  5. Ok
  6. Alright
  7. Like the last three have all been self portraits of sorts ugh
  8. This is a photocopy of a painting I did that I later fucked up by adding a ton of dolphins for some reason like why would I do that
  9. Idk
  10. I had surgery this year and I was put on aspirin to stop blood clots and the aspirin were tiny pink hearts
  11. Ok
  12. Everything else is pure garbage and more embarrassing that any of this so ha ha ha not gonna show you it