1. I have to get up at 7am so that I can go out to a work Christmas breakfast thing with my workmates
    Excited for the breakfast, not excited to wake up earlier than I have all year
  2. I have four gifts left to wrap
    Thanks to a useless younger brother who is impossible to buy for and whose response is 'I don't know' to any question about what he might like or whether he would want this???
  3. Desperately need to do laundry
    Unsure when I'm going to have the chance
  4. I'm so sleepy my eyes are closing and then I suddenly think 'wait when did I close my eyes??? How long have they been closed for???'
    Side note: does anyone else experience this? I get it a lot when I'm on the loo late at night or in the morning where I'm suddenly aware that my eyes are closed
  5. Someone should hold my hand for only a minute
    I haven't intimately touched another living person in almost two years and I'm starting to feel a little insecure and anxious about that
  6. There are so many things in my bed!!!
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    The old mobile phone is only used as an alarm clock
  7. I want to cry ever so slightly but instead I think I'll try to sleep
  8. Happy Christmas Eve fellow list appers! ❤️