1. Wore a heavy sweatshirt to work
    So cute tho
  2. Wore a teeny crop top underneath it
    So cute tho
  3. It is 23°C in the mall where I work and I am boiling hot but my crop top is too lil for work
  4. Dropped my paywave eftpos card between the place I buy danishes and where I work
    Which means someone could steal my money (lololol what money) without my pin because some dumb idiot was like hey let's invent a way for people to not have to use a pin or sign for purchases, let's let them wave their card over the machine and have the money magically come out making it easier to steal from strangers once you have their card?
  5. Got paged to the customer service desk cause someone handed it in and they mispronounced my common white girl name
    Ah-lah-na btw not ah-lan-a