Inspired by @dubraker
  1. I worked in a bakery at a small supermarket that specialised in fresh produce/meat/fish/bakery items (there was, other than chocolate bars, no pre packaged items)
    🙂 For a first it was decent! I was 12, a family friend owned the bakery, and his daughter and I served the customers, washed dishes, swept, packaged fresh bread etc. it was my first real taste for earning money, and I think it's why to this day I have a strong work ethic compared to a lot of my friends. I was being payed under the table obviously.
  2. An after school program for kids whose parents worked late
    🙂 I was 16. It was fine, just not what I wanted to be doing. Mostly involved a lot of colouring and playing on playgrounds with kids aged 5-10. They were cute and would draw me sweet stuff.
  3. A couple weeks of working at a gelato store when it first opened
    😒 The gelato ruled, still does. Boss lady wasn't so great. Kept putting off signing a contract before letting me go because she "hired too many people", to this day j genuinely don't believe she ever intended to hire me long-term, she just expected a busy opening period.
  4. Fish and chip shop
    😊 I was here for almost 4 years while I was studying. Everyone spoke either Mandarin or Cantonese, so my job was to deal with customers orders. My boss was super lovely, his brother worked there a lot and would always ask me about my jewellery, and try it all on! My best pal worked there as well. The shop was situated in the middle of all the student streets, so by evening we'd sell them fish and chips or Chinese smorgasbord, and then by night we'd be running into them drunk in town ✌🏻
  5. Outbound call centre job
    😒 It sucked. Fucking sucked. It was fundraising for New Zealand charities, it was one of three jobs I was working at the time just to make rent, post-study. I was so shit at it, and then shouted "YOU FUCKING CUNT" down the phone at someone on my last day. I met my pal Stella through it tho! So like one good thing came out of it I guess.
  6. Face painting for kids parties/gala days/fundraisers/school events
    🙂 This was pretty fun. The boss was a dick though and would guilt me into saying yes to jobs I wasn't really able to do, this was my third job that year, and I was stretched super thin. I ended up quitting over the phone after he called me "useless" for not being able to make "the biggest job of the year" which he'd neglected to tell me about until the day before. The kids were usually pretty cute, but snotty-nosed which made painting their faces a bit hard. Had a couple dads hit on me 😏
  7. An op shop/second hand clothing warehouse
    😡😷 Worst job I've ever had. See this list: THINGS I FOUND IN CLOTHING/DONATION BINS WHEN I WORKED AT AN OP SHOP On top of all of that, my boss was the worst person I have ever met in my life. I was at the peak of my depression, and unable to stand up for myself. She would shout and scream at me for both minor misdoings that were generally not anything to do with me, or just because she could. I've literally never hated a person like I hate her. To this day, three years later, my blood boils anytime I see her around.
  8. Fudge shop
    😄 I'm currently here! Best job I've ever had, the people I work with are super lovely and I'm surrounded by sweet things! I'm looking for a new job though, I've been here almost three years and it's not exactly fulfilling. More than just part-time wages would be great too.