1. Inches of water all across the bottom floor of my flat
  2. Nights it has been so far and nights it is expected to be
    3, 7+
  3. Beds I'm sleeping in that are rock hard despite my mum saying "I put a mattress topper on it so it's nice and soft now"
    1 because putting sheets on a slab of concrete does not a mattress make
  4. Episodes of Stranger Things I watched Saturday vs. the size of my parents TV
    8, 60" (WHO THE FUCK NEEDS A TV THAT BIG?????)
  5. Barbs I miss
  6. Barbs who look like my flatmate if I could convince her to cut off her hair
    1 okay she's an alt Barb but I MEAN
  7. Jackets I own vs. jackets I brought with me in the middle of winter
    7, 0
  8. Umbrellas I own and didn't bring with me
  9. Kind neighbours I have never met before who offered to give me a ride to the bus stop in the cold wind and rain
    1, and her name is Aroha which is the Māori word for love
  10. Mince and cheese pies I ate for breakfast this morning because I am a kiwi cliche
  11. Numbers of eggs on Pokemon Go I managed to hatch on my way to work this morning that had a jiggly puff inside