1. The one in English class in 4th form that bled onto my textbook, and my uniform, and the floor as I was running down the corridors to the bathrooms two blocks away
  2. The one that was both nostrils at once
  3. The one where I tried using a tampon to stop the blood and it expanded in my nose and took a fair few tugs to get out
  4. The one that bled for two hours
  5. The one in the shower where I didn't know my nose was bleeding and instead thought I had my period until I saw my face in the bathroom mirror
  6. EVERY 👏 ONE 👏 that has ruined my pillowcases and pillows
  7. The one that bled heavily in the night and when I woke up my nose was crusted to the pillow
  8. Okay all of these are nosebleeds