Inspired by the Parisian queen herself @Lisa_Fav
  1. What are we doing here?
    Honestly at this stage I've become very dependant on vocalising my anxieties and depression through list format and no one I know irl is on here (bar one person but I tell her all this shit anyway)
  2. Why did you join?
    Duh same reason as everyone else - I liked The Office an extraordinary amount, in particular the fire guy.
  3. Why did you stay?
    This shit is purely navel gazing on my part. (Also the sweethearts on here)
  4. How do you feel about prime time™? How bored are you when it's time for the US to sleep?
    4pm ono is bullshit, there is ZERO new content until I wake up in the morning. Yeah and I have to have notifications turned on for A LOT of people because otherwise I sleep through their lists and miss everything. It's boring, it's exhausting, thank god for Instagram and tumblr is all I'm saying.
  5. Do you feel that is too America centric?
    That's absolutely an understatement but honestly everything in the whole damn world is too American centric so what can you do really? It's a really bizarre place for me personally to be, particularly because there's no NZ centric conversation, at all, that I haven't initiated, and more importantly, that other people have any concept of. Unless a novelty, weird, funny New Zealand news story makes it overseas, we don't really exist as anything other than Hobbiton to the rest of the world.
  6. Do you feel that is too LA centric?
    America is America is America. Truthfully where in America makes no fucking difference to me.
  7. Did you ever have someone comment on you having an opinion on America, Americans, or their politics?
    Yes, although I don't think I've ever really made any sort of comment on here about the current state of American politics (y'know other than DA FUUUCK?!), but I have written several lists, usually in question format, about American things I don't understand or have learned about through television and movies, and it's generally to be like "this can't be real right?!" This place is great for teaching me shit that is otherwise difficult to find answers to through other online mediums.
  8. Are we just tourists on
    Oh fucking definitely.