1. The Goonies
    My all time favourite movie, I have seen The Goonies probably close to 50 times
  2. Grease
    Whenever I was home sick from school as a kid, I would watch the Goonies and then Grease...
  3. Forrest Gump
    ...and if I had time, I'd follow them with Forrest Gump.
  4. Love, Actually
    I'm such a Christmastime sap. Me and mum always watch it around Christmas.
  5. Whip It
    My go-to feel good movie. So many strong women in this film, it's funny, it's sweet, it's sad. Full of women I love. Drew, Kirsten, Ellen, Alia, Eve UGH I JUST LOVE IT
  6. French Kiss
    The humor holds up and it's so quotable! "All you bastards know each other!" works for so many situations.
    Suggested by @thesting
  7. Aladdin
    My favorite as a kid!!
    Suggested by @pocketpenguin
  8. Mamma Mia!
    My go to movie for about everything. I can probably quote the entire movie while watching. I am both proud of this and ashamed.
    Suggested by @nervesofscared
  9. The Princess Bride
    My #1 since 4th grade. ❤️
    Suggested by @moonjockey
  10. Sister Act 2
    My sister and I watched and acted this out at least 200 times growing up.
    Suggested by @bware427