Truly anytime I see someone sad and I'm at work I try to do this (the first part anyway)
  1. Today in the mall, a lil girl with her mum and dad walked past my shop. She had a beanie on and she was probably about eight or nine.
  2. About ten minutes later, I saw them about to walk back past, and this lil girl was crying, just really sad little sobs.
  3. So when they reached my shop, I leaned over the glass counter and handed her dad a caramel and marshmallow filled chocolate heart, wrapped in emerald green foil.
    brag brag brag I'm kind
  4. And her mum and dad were SO kind, and kept saying thanks and other nice, grateful stuff and I said, "it's okay, I just hope you feel better, it sucks heaps to be sad in the plaza".
  5. And then they started to walk away, but stopped and came back real quick and her mum said "oh she just wants to give you a hug", which is SO sweet.
  6. And so I came out the door and gave her a little hug and rubbed her back and then went to step back into the store AND I STOOD ON HER FOOT BECAUSE SOMEHOW I AM ENGINEERED TO RUIN NICE MOMENTS WITH MY CLUMSINESS