1. Yeah so I wear men's stick deodorant
  2. I don't shave my underarms and from experience roll on deodorants do dick on hairy pits
  3. And I don't trust aerosol deodorants???
    Like I don't even know why??? I just don't trust em idk
  4. And women's stick deodorants only exist in extreme antiperspirant form for like real problem sweaters
    In NZ anyway
  5. WHICH COST $14+
    Get fucked
  6. So I use men's stick deodorant at $7.99 not on special
    On special it can get down to five bux!!!
  7. This one in particular
  8. However, yesterday I realised that a different one FOR THE SAME PRICE was actually better value and so I bought it instead
  9. This one
  10. And I swear it smells like alcohol
  11. Like I feel like I smell boozy????
  12. I think it smells how vodka tastes if you can understand that???
  13. So that's what I smell like from now on