Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. She was my best friend at the time
  2. I was 14 and I was drunk and it was like midnight
    Because palmy kids party young
  3. And it was in the memorial park
    Which is basically this park with a pond in it that's kind of in a pit and at the time it was notorious for being where a lot of homeless people lived
  4. Actually like now I'm not even sure this was my first kiss
  5. Cause I had this best friend from when I was 4-13
  6. And she and I used to play husband and wife all of the time when we were like 11/12
  7. Holy fuck it was such a weird game we always ended up yelling at each other
  8. And like kind of necking??? Idk if we ever kissed but like we mashed against each other
  9. omg this is so fucked up
  10. I think we did kiss!!!
  11. Holy shiiittttt
  12. We were 11 and 12!!!!!
  13. And we were like kissing and screaming in her room all of the time!!!!
  14. And like... kind of dry humping maybe a lil?????
  15. Like fuck this is freaking me out I was a child!!!!!
  16. Why were we doing that?????
  17. Like we played this game (GAME??!????!!) everytime I was over at her house!!!!
  18. Fuck man
  19. Idk this is weird