guys i love patches like if you're ever thinking 'hey maybe i should get a cool gift for alan but wtf does that total honey even like?' honestly just find some sweet patch and biff it in the post and i will love you forever
  1. I bought these first four from @sugarbone on instagram
    This first one is a full back patch
  2. Static
  3. Static
  4. Static
  5. @metadope on instagram
  6. I bought this on etsy I think?
  7. Static
  8. @goblinkomegamall on instagram
  9. The next four are from @meanfolk on instagram
  10. Static
  11. Static
  12. Static
  13. These last ones are from @zieromuko on instagram and honestly they're fucking incredible
  14. Static
  15. Static
  16. Yeah that's right I have three different colour versions of this patch deal with it
  17. Static
  18. Static
  19. Static