1. Static
    I didn't get cute unboxing photos because my mum was here and she was too excited for me to open it so
  2. Static
    boo that's me
  3. Static
    I've tried to arrange this so it looks as full as possible but I've eaten SO MANY THEY ARE DELICIOUS I thought they only came in regular chocolate!
  4. Static
    I'm already planning where I'm gonna stick Will Ferrell's face also FYI 3 down 2 across is my fave
  5. Static
    Yeah these are disappearing as I'm typing this
  6. Static
    I HAVE NEVER HAD PEZ IN MY LIFE (it exists here but my mum would never let us have it when we were kids) I AM SO EXCITED
  7. Static
    what kind of sorcery?
  8. Static
  9. Static
    this is my fave page btw because it's the most vaginal
  10. Static
    literally one of my fave pals has a studio exhibition this weekend so guess whose gonna have glitter snowflake eyebrows! (unless my eyebrows are too bushy in which case guess whose gonna have glitter snowflake cheeks!)
  11. Static
  12. Static
    santa with the saturday night fever vest is my fave, I cannot tell if he's pointing or flipping me off
  13. Static
    I bet my Christmas tree is now more worldly than yours!
  14. And all thanks to sweet angel @KristyTolley!!!! Thank you so much for making my early Christmas that much more exciting! Today was a long, exhausting day working retail in a mall and honestly I'm just so happy all thanks to you! Happy Christmas!
  15. Also thank you v much @DawnCloud for organising this all! You are true blue li.st app MVP