1. The elderly white woman who treats me like a dog
    If I'm busy with another customer, if I'm busy doing something where I don't see her walk up to the counter, she will repeatedly tap on the counter or click her fingers to get my attention. She never says hello or thank you.
  2. The 50-60 y/o Asian man who would come in every Sunday/Thursday when I worked by myself
    He would stand there and talk at me for anywhere from 20 min to an hour about how he used to be a surgeon before he moved to New Zealand, about how much money he has, about do I have a boyfriend? About I should get a boyfriend so I don't end up an old maid, about I should have dinner with him, about he would treat me nice. I ended up calling security when I would see him 50m away before he even had a chance to accost me. He eventually stopped coming in altogether.
  3. The 25+ white woman who lived two doors down from the fish and chip shop I worked in
    She'd always invent something to falsely complain about with the food, but still come in the next day. One night she payed in cash, I gave her $4 change, she yelled at her son, then turned to me and asked for her change which I'd already given her. She started shouting that I'd stolen her money, and getting aggressive. I said it was in her pocket, she wouldn't empty it, the boss gave her $4 so she'd leave. Next time she came in she was sugary sweet nice to me and I just knew she'd found it.
  4. The 50+ y/o white man with the moustache and grey bowl cut
    Asked annoying questions like "do you work here part time?" and "do you study as well?" Bought annoying small pieces of fudge, left, then came back 20 minutes later to yell at me for not gift wrapping it, despite him never mentioning that it was for a gift. When I said that if you want it gift wrapped you need to tell me, because why would I just assume it was for a gift when you didn't buy one of the gift boxes, he shouted, "of course it's for a fucking gift, I don't eat this shit!"
  5. Cont.
    Like cool I'm supposed to know that? You come into a fudge shop and I'm supposed to know that you don't eat this shit? K. I asked him what colour ribbon he wanted, he barked, "it doesn't matter", which like really if it didn't matter then why did you come back here to shout at me? I've since found out he's the father of a girl I'm semi acquaintances with who I always seem to see when I'm very drunk and I've had to have people block me from talking to her in case I started ranting about her dad.