This list is a combination of both mine and my younger brothers' teddy bears names
  1. Beary
    A white bear named after a nightie I had as a kid that said 'I love you beary much'
  2. Russ
    A brown bear whose brand was 'rusty'
  3. Lollyman
    A brown bear with a pouch on his belly that my brother would store lollies in
  4. Fin
    A dolphin that went missing for a year at a house we stayed at every summer
  5. Cooking
    My youngest brother literally had a teddy bear who he named 'Cooking'. It had a small rolling pin in one hand.
  6. Blue Santa
    A small white bear wearing a blue suit and blue night cap
  7. Bert and Ernie
    I had Ernie and my younger brother had Bert. He threw away Bert, I still have Ernie.
  8. Boney Bob
    Not a stuffed toy, but a deflated inflatable skeleton that was the same height as my five-year-old brother. He had a hole in him so he was never blown up.
  9. The Dad
    A brown bear wearing a blue tie. Cooking was his wife.
  10. Dozens of unnamed palm-sized brown bears
    The children of the Dad and Cooking. They all lived in the Christmas tree.