Some that I love and I can listen to always and others that I used I be into but mostly this is just the vibe in my bedroom from tonight also there are way more but I can't think rn so deal with it there might be a second mixed tape bye
  1. Trunks - Benny Tipene I've known Benny since I was in highschool, I'm now very good friends with his lil sis, my pal Kitty Cat. This song is about his cat. I ran into him today and he gave me a big hug and like he's literally one of the kindest people??? And his whole family are so lovely???
  2. You and Me - The Checks
  3. Her Hairagami Set - The Brunettes
  4. Get Some Sleep - Bic Runga
  5. Matriarchy - Miss June
  6. Can't Get Enough - Supergroove
  7. Youthful - Anika Moa
  8. Not Many - Scribe
  9. Sophie - Good Shirt
  10. Lonely - Benny Tipene I like the live version better than the recorded, also this video has a Haka at the end
  11. Settle Down - Kimbra A live version because she is incredible
  12. B.A.B.Y. (Brunettes Against Bubblegum Youth) - The Brunettes
  13. Something Good - Bic Runga
  14. Brother - Smashproof ft. Gin Wigmore I was listening to this the other day for the first time in like seven years??? I mean I don't think I ever really understood what the song was about but holy shit.
  15. Ready To Die - The Checks
  16. Walking Off A Cliff Again - The Mint Chicks