1. Alan
    Honestly most used nickname, both of my brothers call me this, I regularly refer to myself as Alan also
  2. Dynamite
    Honestly I started this as a joke and then some pals did not let it go and I just became dynamite for a while
  3. Lala/Lalipop
    Thanks dad
  4. Flossy
    Ok mum
  5. Lani
    Ugh plz don't
  6. Lana
    Also plz don't
  7. Lan
    V ok with this one
  8. Al
    "Just call me big Al" idk apparently that is a thing but I don't know
  9. Alana banana
    I didn't eat bananas for 16 years because I hated being called Alana banana so much I MISSED OUT ON 16 YEARS OF BANANAS
  10. Ya girl
    I call myself this and I love it a lot