NZ means New Zealand lol
  1. Shot
    "Shot, bro." Same as cheers, thanks.
  2. Shame
    Like something you say when you or someone else has done something like mildly embarrassing. Like you fall out of a chair or some shit and someone snorts and says "shame." Or you call someone by the wrong name and so you say "shame" like at yourself. Annoying kids say "shame on your name!"
  3. Mean
    Like something is real dope or cool. "Yeah we went to this mean party!"
  4. Yeah nah
    The start of a sentence, "yeah nah". Means no.
  5. Nah yeah
    The reverse of "yeah nah" (obv). Means yes.
  6. Piss
    It means alcohol. "Gotta go to the bottle store to buy some piss." This is so yuck and I hate it a lot.
  7. OTP
    On The Piss. Means you're drunk or drinkin. Honestly the first time I saw OTP on tumblr I was so fuckin confused an grossed out.
  8. Crack up
    When someone's being cheeky or something is really funny. "That's crack up".
  9. Egg
    When someone's being cheeky or crack up. "You're an egg." I call lil kids this cause it's soooo funny.
  10. Gobby
    Like to suck a dick. "I gave him a gobby." I gave him head. I've never heard it about eating pussy????
  11. Nek Minnit
    basically means next minute. Something unexpectedly happens??? Idk how to explain this it's just from this video
  12. GC
    Good Cunt. Kind of when someone does something cool and you're thankful I guess??? Like say your mate brought you an ice cold beer on a hot day "oh fuck, what a GC."
  13. Most of these are so gross oml