1. Gutted
    Devastated. "I got home and my TV had been nicked, I was so gutted." Also works like "the house was gutted" like it had been cleaned out/ripped off/burgled
  2. Guts
    Something you say to someone who has been mildly inconvenienced, like you go to the bathroom and when you come back someone's taken your seat. "Guts, bro."
  3. Pleb
    Idk if this is a well known thing or just a palmy thing??? It means like dumb or common or silly? Like, "I missed recycling day AGAIN, I'm such a pleb". My flatmate says it all the time.
  4. Slesh
    This is super pnc subculture like in high school slesh was some cool, dope secondhand clothing? Like I think a friend of mine made this up???? "Man you look so slesh today". "That basketball jersey is slesh." It's a good thing.
  5. Bogan
    Like basically anyone who is uncultured or like a lil bit scummy?? DEFINITELY INTO CRATE DAY. "On crate day we went full bogan and got wasted and listened to ACDC". My family is real bogan.
  6. Bach
    Pronounced 'batch'. Like a shitty kind of beach house that's small and cheap. "Going to the bach this weekend?"
  7. Chur bo
    Just a super shortened version of "cheers, bro".
  8. Dairy
    Like the corner shop?? Idk what you people call it. You can buy basic shit here like milk, but mostly you buy cheap candy and smokes and ice blocks. "Left my scooter outside the dairy."