1. Skux
    Holy shit holy shit how have I forgotten about skux omg ok so back in like 2006 dudes that were what you'd now call 'swag' or 'swaggy' were called skux or skux deluxe (the exxxtreme version) omg like "oh man Jason's so skux" "nah bo, he's skux deluxe".
  2. Jandals
    Idk is this one??? Flip flops I guess but I feel like surely this is universal
  3. Joker
    Ok so my nana uses this and I swear it's mostly an over 75 thing. My nana mostly uses it like "oh what's that joker want now?" Like I think it's a man you're a bit annoyed with??
  4. Munted
    Like something's broken or damaged. "Some bloke munted my car." Also means drunk. "Oh we were so munted!"
  5. Tinny
    Weed. You buy it at a tinny house, it's wrapped in tinfoil (generally).
  6. Flash
    Something that looks like really good, kind like sharp I guess? "Oh shit you look really flash". "What a flash car!"
  7. Crate Day
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    the first Saturday of December which is the first day of summer here, it is a day where all bogans unite and day drink crate beer (pictured). Generally a BBQ is involved, heaps of rock music, you are guaranteed to get sunburned. Uniform is singlet and stubbies. "Crate of origin" is a thing, like you have to drink a beer brewed in whatever part of the country you're from. We are garbage people this is celebrated nationally jfc
  8. OP shop
    Idk like thrift store/second hand shop it stands for opportunity shop, I love them a lot OH HOLY SHIT THIS GIVES ME AN IDEA FOR A LIST BE PREPARED