If you need refreshing, I work at Munchkins which is a specialty fudge and chocolates shop in New Zealand.
  1. He called up, and as with all scam calls it took about ten second after me answering for the call to connect and elicit a response on his end
  2. He then went into the classic "I'm looking for the business owner" to which I always respond "she's not available, what is this regarding?" Unless I've already hung up.
    Side note, unless it's the Microsoft scam, these scams never fucking say where they're calling from.
  3. So he went into this spiel about how he's been receiving calls and inquiries from our customers who are unable to classify our business.
  4. I asked him to repeat it, which he did, and also added that our customers have been relaying to him that we operate as a florist. This is along with telling him that they are unsure what we sell because they are "unable to classify our business".
  5. So I said, "are you asking me if we're a florist? Because no we are not a florist."
  6. He said "these are the inquiries your customers have been making."
  7. And I said, "okay so you are calling me, because our customers, people who come into the store, daily, weekly, whatever, have been calling YOU to tell YOU that we are a florist?"
  8. He said, "yes they–"
  9. I cut him off, "no no, our customers called you to tell you we're a florist?"
  10. Him: "Our information indicates that this is what they believe, this is what they tell us."
  11. Me: "That's so funny because a google search of our business name would bring up what kind of products we sell, and would let them know instantly that we're not a florist. It would also bring up our business phone number, which would connect them to me and I could personally let them know that we're not a florist." (cont.)
  12. "I just think it's funny that they'd contact you, an outside agency, before they'd directly contact us?"
  13. Him: "Thank you for your time."
  14. ...
  15. Literally all I can think is that he was gonna try scam money out of us by like pretending he could fuck around with google results or something? Like bitch we're the only one in Palmy, and the whole of fucking New Zealand. We're already first on google.