@jessacosta you're cute as hell and this is what your list request has become!!! 😘
  1. In 2012, Flight Of The Conchords wrote a song for Red Nose Day for Cure Kids
    Taken directly from the website: "Cure Kids is a leading child health research charity, with a mission to improve the health of children through research and it's outcomes." They research cures for serious illnesses that affect children.
  2. And they had actual lil kids help write it!!!
    They're so sweet also plus I have a big crush on Jemaine and he is getting so much finer with age like wine but he's a man and I like him a lot
  3. And then a bunch of nz musicians perform it in a sort of 'We Are The World' way
    But minus the white saviour bullshit ugh
  4. It's cute as hell and I get it stuck in my head sometimes!!!
  5. I recommend watching this one first so it makes sort of sense??? This is a link to the preceding skit and an interview with the kids https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=py_30jZGUYk
    There's a cute part where they talk about the songs in the Muppets movie and Bret actually wrote the songs in the film
  6. And this is just the song!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyjx94ydLwA
    The goblin man near the start with the baldy head and glasses is Dave Dobbyn I have posted about him before he is a national treasure for some reason honestly I don't get it just let it go