Inspired by @lesbian
  1. It's been nine years and we barely talk but are still "best friends" and you don't want me to meet your boyfriend even though it's been almost two years
  2. You were some emo boy and us drunk 14 year olds kissed on a church steps at midnight
    Same night as above
  3. I was drunk and you were stoned and we were at a party and I can't remember your name now.
  4. Your cousin messaged me online and told me you liked me and when I asked you you told me you weren't a lesbian and that he was lying
  5. You were so tall and had the bluest eyes but one time when we were kissing you called me a tease so I pushed you off a fence cause fuck you
  6. I had a crush on you for the longest time and we only kissed once before you broke up with me because I didn't "know how to be a girlfriend"
  7. You liked me but I liked someone else and then I grew to like you a lot but you really only liked the chase
  8. You had the curliest hair I had ever seen and we danced and kissed to some dumb song on New Year's Eve and then you never texted me back
  9. You owned the fabric store I used to shop at constantly and we drunkenly kissed and I never went in again
  10. You raped me and I'm always scared I'll see you again
  11. We met drunk and you took me on a date sober and I was so depersonalised and disconnected from my body that my eyes were open the whole time
  12. We were at a bar and you whispered "I wanna fuck your dirty little pussy" in my ear and I ran and cried hysterically in the bathroom
  13. .
    I'm absolutely missing many but they were obviously unmemorable