ya girls thrifty (plz don't cue macklemore)
  1. This Rolling Stones/LA Lakers tshirt
    I've maybe only heard the Rolling Stones when they've played on the radio??? I have never seen a basketball game
  2. This men's polyester button down tshirt
  3. This record
  4. This book
    My brother owns it and I have read it before but I have a big crush on John Frusciante and he is mentioned heaps in it RHCP GIRL
  5. This book
    I have heard only good things about Zadie Smith (also can we talk about how good a name Zadie is???)
  6. This book
    I already own this but I looooove it and it was in great nick so I bought it to gift to someone special cause it's special
  7. And this book
    It was like a billion pages and it sounded interesting and looked new