I'm so petty but even as an adult this is annoying af my brothers are 18 and 21 but most of these are about my youngest brother who could get away with fucking murder I swear
  1. I will be 24 next month and TO THIS DAY I get told off if I swear
    My youngest brother is 18 and he has been swearing his head off since puberty
  2. Was not allowed to drink alcohol (bar a glass of wine with dinner every few months) until the week before I was legally allowed to drink at 18
    My parents have been supplying my youngest brother with beers since he was 15
  3. I was given numerous talks regarding "safety while drinking" which is code for how to (hopefully) avoid getting raped
    My mother only spoke to my youngest brother for the first time last year regarding consent after I phoned her up crying about a rape joke one of his friends made at a party. I still don't think either of my parents have ever discussed consent with my other brother.
  4. I was not allowed a TV in my bedroom until I was 17
    My youngest brother was given a TV by my parents at 12. The same year I was allowed a TV.
  5. My dad made me get a job at age 12 so that I would have a good work ethic and "learn the value of a dollar"
    My youngest brother has never had a job in his life and that is perfectly fine
  6. Since I was 16 I have been expected to buy my own clothes (gifts and the occasional pair of underpants being the exception)
    My youngest brother regularly uses my mums credit card to buy whatever he wants with no expectations of him paying back the money
  7. Literally couldn't go out without first asking permission and telling someone exactly where I would be and who was going to be there and what time to pick me up
    My brother would be gone for days and we'd have no clue were he was until he'd show up to get spare clothes and have a nap