1. The Cool Girl
    à la Gone Girl. I do not exist to be some perfect fantasy for a man. I am a living person who exists only for me.
  2. The Skinny Girl
    I'm a fat girl. I was "average" in high school (what the fuck is average, really), but being the "fattest" of my friends, I have always had a fat girl mentality. This is who I am. Skinny is not something I long to be anymore. I'm fat, I love myself and I love my fatness. Also I'm cute as shit so whatever.
  3. The Fixer
    Some things, friendships aren't worth trying to fix. I will not apologise just to end an uncomfortable situation. Not everything needs to be tied up nicely, some things can be a mess on the miles away ground and that is fine.
  4. The Chill Girl
    Nope. I will call you out on your bullshit (once I work up the nerve). If you can't take it, you can't take me. I won't let you get away with being an asshole.
  5. The Hot Girl
    I'm cute as shit okay. I'm always running hot and you can bet your balls I'm sweatin' 70% of the time, but Hot™ I am not. It's not a goal for me either.
  6. The Silent Girl
    I stayed silent for too long. I'm done hiding my truth. Talking about it feels good. If talking about it can help one more Silent Girl talk about it then I am never going to shut the fuck up again.
  7. The Straight Girl
    ahahaha bye